Rams On The Tweet

“Don’t make me cry”, “it hurts”- Lots of Rams fans left tearful after club’s message on Twitter


Lots of Rams fans reacted to a rather emotional tweet that the club put out yesterday.

Well this is one way to really stick the knife in isn’t it?

It’s bad enough that we don’t get to actually watch football, but to remind us of it in this fashion, that just seems rather cold-blooded, and you can tell that the fans didn’t like it either because of the responses.

Yesterday was meant to be Derby County’s final home game of the season, as they were set to take on Leeds United in a game that might have meant a lot to both team given where they were in the table, and history shows that we can break Leeds United’s hearts, so we may have been given the chance to do so again.

Will we be able to see games at Pride Park by the end of 2020?



And when the club put out a tweet reminding fans of the fact it was set to be our final home game, fans got rather emotional at the thought of not being at Pride Park for some time, and how they may not get back there soon, with one or two taking the chance to poke fun at Leeds United along the way.

Don’t be tugging at my heartstrings like that again please Rams.

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