Rams On The Tweet

“Strange times”, “can’t be official”- Lots of Rams fans point out something peculiar on Twitter


It looks like it’s been settle then, and in all honesty, I’m glad that is has been.

After weeks of apparent rumblings behind the scenes, with reports coming in of some sort of ‘wage war’ amongst members of the team, something that was later denied by Wayne Rooney’s representatives, it seems as though a compromise has been agreed.

Yesterday it was announced that all first team players, football management, executives and non-furloughed staff were to take a 25% pay cut to help get us through this time where there is no football going on, and as a result, no income coming into the club on a regular basis.

Are you surprised it took this long for the players to make this decision?



Just how much of an impact this is going to make, and if this is just the first stage of cuts that the players are going to have to take, it’s too soon to tell, however it seems as though the message wasn’t the most important thing on the fans minds when the news came through. They seemed to be focusing on something missing from the club’s statement.

I suppose I should credit them, finding something to laugh about in this difficult time.

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