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“Don’t need to think”- Lots of Rams fans have interesting responses to newspaper’s question


It might be a little too early to start putting Christmas lists together right now.

Although I suppose seeing as there’s no real football to talk about, we might as well start living in fantasy land for a little bit rather than having to focus on what’s going on in the real world. Because fantasy land is precisely where these Derby County fans are living if they think we have any chance of bringing in these players.

With the summer transfer window very much on the horizon, even if the dates may change slightly, The Derby Telegraph asked fans which players in the Championship they would like to sign for the Rams, and it was very interesting to see their responses.

Do we have any chance of signing these players?



Perhaps they could have titled the question ‘If Derby could realistically sign one player from another Championship club, who would you pick?’ Maybe then the debate would have been a little bit more fun.

Although one person did keep it relatively realistic, so kudos to them.

What about you? Who would you like to see the Rams sign this summer? And let’s keep these ones realistic please.

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