Rams On The Tweet

“Indescribable”, “they’re rattled”- Lots of Derby County fans left reveling in EFL’s tweet


It was arguably the highest of highs when it came to last season.

Although let’s just try and forget all the stuff that happened afterward shall we? Even if things didn’t totally work out for us, then at least we can take solace in knowing that we helped stop Leeds United going up. It’s the small victories in life after all.

I’m talking of course about Jack Marriot’s goal in the dying stages of our victory at Elland Road last season in the playoff semi-finals. It was a goal that sealed the victory for us and booked our place at Wembley for the final.

Was this the craziest Rams game you have ever seen?



And when the EFL posted the video up on their page and asked Rams fans to comment on it, they were never going to shy away from the opportunity to relive the moment once again, with a few of them using it as a chance to take swipes at our opponents that day.

And to be honest, can you blame them?

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