Date: 29th May 2018 at 3:40pm
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Our latest look at the tweets in the twitter network, as Frank Lampard enters into advanced negotiations with Derby County FC.

BBC DerbySport had this to say

Meanwhile, there is mounting evidence that Jody Morris will be Lampard’s assistant. Here’s what Steve Nicholson at the Derby Telegraph had to tweet about.

Lampard is still in negotiations with the Rams but those negotiations now hinge on his commitment to the BBC and punditry in the coming World Cup (starting 14th June and ending 15th July). However, talks have started with Chelsea and a bid to release Jody Morris, who is then expected to be assistant to Lampard and will undoubtedly be taking pre-season training until the return of Lampard.

Here is what Laurie Whitwell of the Daily mail twittered about.

We should all know quite soon just who will be taking up the Rams managerial jobs next season. If you would like to comment on the article above please let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below.


2 Replies to “Rams tweets latest look around the Derby County news on the Twitter network”

  • This World Cup commentary team thing could be a blessing or a curse. One the one hand he gets a free month looking at the squad players of the lesser nations on a freebie as far as DCFC is concerned, since he surely wont be on the payroll until his BBC stint is over. However that means another month with limited contact with the existing squad to assess there fitness for purpose and to recommend who he wants to bin. Presumably Morris (J) if he is taken on, will stay at home and decide that?

    Also with no COO and no DOF who is actually going to initiate / negotiate the contract terminations, sales and so on that need to be set up before any window opens?

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