Date: 29th May 2018 at 9:57am
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Butter wouldn’t melt in the mouth of Kenny Burns, you would think as he comments on the potential appointment of Frank Lampard as the new Rams manager

Yet again the former Birmingham, Forest and Ilkeston Town legend has had his say on the potential appointment of Frank Lampard at the supposed “sinking ship” that is Derby County Football club.

In the strapline of the Nottingham post, he insists that Gary Rowett left Derby County because it is a sinking ship, despite having finished sixth in the league and reaching the Championship play-off semi-finals.

Burns goes on to say that Nottingham Forest, a team who finished the Championship season in 17th place, 22 points adrift of the Rams would have nothing to worry about if Frank Lampard did take over the managers job at Pride Park.

With Gary Rowett jumping ship at Derby Burns feels that Stoke offer the better prospects of promotion to the Premiership. Ok he may be right, with the parachute payments etc from the Premier league they may have a larger amount of money to spend on squad alterations and improvements but that doesn’t guarantee success and the move to Stoke is hardly the move any self-respecting and ambitious manager would make at this point in a career that may promise great things but as yet achieved exactly nothing.

Kenny Burns (right) in his Birmingham City days

According to Burns, if the Rams do appoint Lampard not only will Nottingham Forest make gains on the Rams, they will overtake them. A boast that has in recent years come back to haunt all at Nottingham Forest football club. We will see what happens, who takes charge and if Derby County sells or buy in the coming months.

One thing is always reliable though, the uncalled for venom that seems to come the way of Derby County football club every time Burns puts pen to paper. Read the full article here.

What’s your view on the comments of Kenny Burns and the potential appointment of Frank Lampard to the post of new Derby County manager? please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


8 Replies to “Kenny Burns strikes again in his ceaseless attack on Derby County”

  • nothing changes with burns, lets hope dcfc & new manager make him & forest eat their own words

  • Why so much hate has to come out of Mr Burns mouth when he opens it. Did he not play for our great club if only for a season , did we upset that much in that short time and did we not pay his wages or something I don’t think so we helped top up his retirement fund so now he can sit on his overly large backside and slag us off. I hope this latest comment bites him back on his big Arse.

    • He’d never fit under a stone unless it was a bridge!! ????????????????????????????????

  • What a bitter out of shape has been. That if he ever really had been. He must be an embarrassment to Nottingham. The guy is dillusioned and is wrong all the time. What are his opinions really worth. Why doesn’t or hasn’t he managed. Probably his commitment to all those unhealthy options he chose ahead of his so called sport by looking at the state of him. His view is really not worth the paper it’s written on. Unless you want to good laugh with a comedians childish article. Total clown in my opinion. Bring in on Kenny will all love a good laugh ????????????????????????????

  • Mr Burns is senile, grossly overweight, and obviously bears a huge grudge against the Mighty Rams.His comments reveal ignorance and envy. Ignore them my fellow Pop Siders…Kenny Creosote will soon explode at the dining room table..sooner rather than later!

  • What were some of Frank lampards words, a big club, big history, I’m sure a big name like Frank wouldn’t put his name to our club if he thought we were sinking. He must have us confused with another club. We’ll prove him and Gary Rowett wrong. Keep the faith.

  • Kenny burns… what a sad sight of a man.. never heard ex players say or have so much hatred against a former club before. The man has no honour and respect for one of his former clubs. What a shameful man he is. Shout to the rooftops about your beloved nottm forest but keep your mouth shut about derby and gain some self respect.

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