Date: 8th June 2018 at 8:45am
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Gary Rowett, a name associated with Derby County both as player and manager. He stated that he loves the club and the area, so why did he suddenly leave the Rams at the end of what was a reasonably successful season?

Most people, like myself, were saddened and not to say a little angry when it was announced that Gary Rowett was to jump ship and join newly demoted Stoke City after just 14 months at Pride Park. So what was the criteria that made him move on?

Speaking at his first press conference after getting the Stoke City Job Rowett made it clear that it was all about money. Not that he wasn’t on a fair whack at Derby, but the fact that he had been told that constraints on finances for the coming season would have to be made and he saw a club with money to burn on the horizon and wanting a manager with Championship experience.

Rowett refused to go into details about the budgetary constraints at Pride Park, saying it was unfair to the club to go into detail, which is fair enough and at least he has the clubs dignity at heart. The fact is, however, he states he is committed to whichever club is paying his wages, but what about commitment when the going, or finances get tough?

Further into the press conference, Rowett talking about the Rams said “I could have said, go and sign this player, overpay for him and let’s get up (promotion). This is a huge disrespect to Rams owner Mel Morris, as he always said that the money was there for Rowett to use how he thought fit. So why didn’t he buy ‘that’ player that would have made the difference? I suppose only the guys involved at the club will know the answer to that one, but it must stick in the throats of those at Derby County who backed Rowett to get the Rams promoted.

In the end, Rowett thinks he did a ‘decent job’ at Derby County, but what are your thoughts about the manager leaving the club after such a short and unsuccessful reign at Derby County? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below this article.


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  • As ever, there are 2 sides and maybe more to a story. Did he merely jump ship because there was NO money available or simply not enough for him to do the things he had in his head? Either way, has he taken the “easy way out”? Stoke have the cash to splash and the job there looks, on paper, more straight forward than the current situation at Derby. Lampard is inexperienced as a manager but does bring a lot to the table. Will that produce better football and/or better results? I hope so. It would be great to se a young un achieve what a procession of experienced managers and coaches failed to do, namely, provide entertaining football with an end product.

    Personally I hope GR does well at Stoke and takes the 2nd auto spot behind Derby. Success for DCFC this season may well see GR scratching his head………. especially if Frank gets money Rowett had been told wasn’t there……….

  • Very good manager but seems to me he’s a man who spits his dummy out when he can’t have his own way.

  • At first I was disappointed that he was leaving, but in hindsight the football all season hasnt been enjoyable to watch, so looking forward to watching some younger, more energetic displays next season! For all Rowett’s talk of loving Derby, the area and the fans so much, it just shows there is no loyalty in football. More money and he was off at the first opportunity. I for one, hope that he falls flat on his face, spends all their millions, but doesnt even get in the playoffs! Come on Derby, under Frank Lampard and Jody Morris, we are going to have a good season, cant wait for august!

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