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Opinion: Rams need to be showing a lot more ambition rather than chasing after past it 33 y/o


This is a move that would be both a waste of time, and possibly more importantly, money.

According to a report from The Sun, Derby County are one of two teams that are interested in bringing in Joe Hart from Burnley in the summer on a free transfer, although the report later states that we might not have enough money to offer up in terms of wages next season.

The thing with bringing in Hart, is even though he’s still got plenty of years to go as a goalkeeper given that a number of them play into their fourties, we’d be getting him on the downswing of his career.

The man who was once seen as pretty much undroppable given his long spell in the England team, hasn’t made an appearance for his country since 2017 and it doesn’t look as if he’s going to be moving up the ladder anytime soon, mainly because of him falling down the ladder and the amount of young players that are up and coming.

And whilst that is mainly a concern for his international career, the same should really be said for his club career, and that’s why I think we should avoid bringing him in. According to SportRac, he’s currently on £45,000 per week, so he’d have to take a considerable pay cut to join us if the Sun’s report about our financial position is true.

Should we go after Joe Hart?



For the sake of bringing him in, I’d much rather try and bring in a young goalkeeper on loan from somewhere who is on the up in their career and hope to maybe turn that into a permanent deal down the road. Or better yet stick with the goalkeepers that we have, because I can’t see what bringing in Hart is going to bring to the squad.

Other than perhaps maybe acting as a motivational speaker to pump the team up.

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