Date: 19th June 2017 at 10:17pm
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The EFL have now published the full retained and released lists for the summer of 2017 for all football league clubs.

All clubs had a deadline for publishing which players would be retained and released following the conclusion of the 2016/17 season, and although the full lists were only published by the yesterday morning, fans will largely already know which players are likely to move on.

The details from this list are accurate as of May 20, but the caveat is some players will have ongoing negotiations and some may have been concluded, but as per the best of my knowledge I’ve updated appropriately – so advance apologies for any errors.

So, for Derby County and the key to symbols is:

(o) players under 24 year with a contract expiry of June 30 with an offer.

(h) players who do not hold a current contract, but club retains registration.

(m) player under 24 years employed on a monthly contract as per May 20.

(w) player under 24 years employed on a week to week basis as per May 20.

Anya Ikechi
Babos Alexander Jon
Baird Christopher
Barnes Joshua Edwin
Bennett Mason Kane
Bent Darren Ashley
Blackman Nicholas Alexander
Bryson Craig
Butterfield Jacob Luke
Camara Abdoul Razzagui
Carson Scott Paul
Christie Cyrus Sylvester Frederick
Cover Alexander Robert
Cresswell Cameron Ian
Elsnik Timi-Max
Forsyth Craig
Gordon Kellan Sheene
Guy Callum
Hanson James William
Hughes William James
Ince Thomas
Jakobsen Emil Riis
Johnson Bradley Paul
Keogh Richard John
Lowe Max Josef
MacDonald Calum Ross
Martin Christopher Hugh
McAllister Kyle
Mitchell Jonathan Philip
Mitchell-Lawson Jayden
Nugent David James
Olsson Marcus Jonas Munuhe
Pearce Alexander James
Ravas Henrich
Rawson Farrend James
Roos Kelle Willem
Russell Johnathon Simpson Snedden
Shackell Jason
Sostaric Karic Sven
Stabana Kyron Thomas
Thomas Luke
Thorne George Louis Elliot
Vernam Charles Terence Priestley
Vydra Matej
Walker Lewis Jon
Wassall Ethan Luca
Weimann Andreas
Zanzala Offrande

Bateman Joseph Joshua
Bogle Jayden Ian
Carter-Thompson Russell L-Jay
Davidson-Miller Jahvan O’Mahr
Davie Adam Edward
Edwards Micah Elijah
Fryatt Joseph Eric
Haywood Jack
Hitchman Brandon Samuel
Jibodu Ayomide Opeyemi
Mabondo Mbutu Michel
Magno Giann Michael
Mills Jordan Matthew
Rashid Fuseine
Thomas Cain
Thorne Jaydan William
Wise Henry Dennis Paul
Yates Matthew Dean


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