Date: 23rd May 2018 at 3:39pm
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Rams Owner, Mel Morris (right) stands next to former CEO Sam Rush. a man Morris is now taking to Court.

An alarming report in today’s Daily Mail newspaper (pictured) paints a dim view for the future of Derby County Football Club.

As you will read in the report it claims Derby County are losing around £3m every month and are staring possible action by the FA over FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules and a fine of up to £10m.

As we reported earlier today other staff at Pride Park are leaving. John Vicars the current Chief Operating Officers is to stand down at the end of this month but is mysteriously retain on the board of directors, Chairman Mel Morris claiming it is to add his experience after ten years in the role and tutor the incoming COO.

The article that makes some damning claims for the owner and future of Derby County.

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10 Replies to “The Financial state of the Rams and the possible reason staff are leaving”

  • Nothing surprises me at Derby having supported them for 50 years, we seem to move from optimism to crisis on a regular basis
    My view is Rowett has run away as he was not going to take us to the promised land, not sorry he has gone as his brand of football is so boring, he has done nothing to develop our younger home grown talent. Why have an Accademy when no players come through and none are sold, just more cost.
    The fact is the squad is too big and too costly, we need to sell some players instead of loaning them out, Martin being a good example and there are many more. A reputed wage bill of £35 million in the championship is a joke

    • The reputed 35 million payroll is as per the 2017 accounts – but this does include non playing staff salaries too, and the add ons of pensions, ERNIE etc

  • If we look at our results for the last 2 years then £ 3 million per month is entirely plausible. In 2016 we lost £ 15 million, in 2017 this rose to £ 24 million (but offset by Hendrick Hughes Ince sale of £ 16 million). So whilst £ 36 million a year may seem a bit high, wage increases and lost of name sponsor for the ground etc could push the losses towards that figure…… and we haven’t sold anyone to generate much of an offset in this financial year.

    I believe I noted on another board far far away that these results suggested that we were f****d, and I don’t back off this view.

    No substantive thoughts on the FFP issue but that would be plain mismanagement if had fallen foul of it, as GR has spent about £ 12-15 million since he has been in charge and nobody sold this financial year, so the calculations cannot have been difficult. For it to be a fine of this magnitude though, it would be something covering more than one year I expect, and with £ 16 million in player sales last year, I find it hard to understand.

  • We are a joke. Morris has no idea how to run a football club and on summing up Rowett. Clueless and running away from the pile of c—p that he has amassed at the club plus the negative tactics he’s instilled into the players. All I can say is keep the faith and hope we can beat the red dogs next year

    • To be fair to Mel Morris he has put his money where his mouth and heart are. Like many other rich owners, he has tried to compete with clubs owned by people and organisations with infinitely more cash than he has and for that, I feel he needs our thanks. I do now feel we need to be searching for an organisation possibly foreign, that wants and is able to finance the Rams in the next stage of the clubs existence.

  • I understand that the club is in turmoil,Gary Rowett wasn’t going to get the required backing of better players being bought,probably because others have had their mouths filled with gold.Football is a money go round,we don’t have it in Mel Morris.Chinese owners are queueing up ,please move over Mr Morris,the supporters have done their bit,now do yours,leave.

    • Do you have evidence that there are big money owners waiting to take up the challenge at Derby County? I used to hate the idea of a multinational takeover of the club but now feel like you do it could be the only way to be competitive in an increasingly money orientated sport.

    • Yeh Chinese owners, done wonders for the Blues, last season in the relegation zone till just a few weeks to go, season before avoided relegation in the last game. Not for mine,mate

  • Morris maybe good at business, but if you employ a manager, let him manage!! Having said that we, we’re so negative, when in a winning position. No pace no flair. If you sell your young players at a loss. Well it’s a no brainier.!

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