Date: 3rd April 2006 at 12:29pm
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‘SATURDAY APRIL 8th is ?Deal or NO Deal? DAY’

‘In the official minutes from the supporters? forum on Thursday night, Jeremy Keith said that the RPG had ?done its job?. ?So far as the protest is aimed at me personally, it is a futile exercise. If the object of the exercise was to create an atmosphere for change I don’t think any further protests are required.? Once again, Mr Keith, your arrogance is astonishing. This club is far bigger than you, and always will be ? the protests will continue regardless of your opinion, and regardless of whether you?ll be in attendance. The object of the ?exercise? is the removal of every current board member from our club. That has not happened yet, and so we will be protesting again at the Millwall match.

The news that SISU are still in the frame is not encouraging, in spite of the spin from Messrs Keith and Clouting. They have no interest in Derby County Football Club ? what they have an interest in is our season ticket money, and the loyalty of the fans. Under SISU, our money will not go to Panama, but instead down to London ? it will not go back into the club. Hedge funds, as a rule, look only at the bottom line ? they will not care about the club and its supporters. Jeremy claimed once to have ?fallen in love with the train set? ? look where that got us. Even now in this official statement we hear that SISU are real football fans ?with empathy for Derby and the club?. Apparently their business plan is based upon getting us back into the premier league. All sounds frighteningly familiar doesn?t it? Do they really believe that the Derby fans can be so easily taken in once again?

With that in mind, it is crucial that we show the Co-op once again how important it is that they drive through the right decision. This club can thrive under the right ownership, under local people prepared to put their own money into DCFC.

The RPG promised that the Millwall game would see the biggest and loudest protest thus far if significant take?over progress had not been achieved. Since then we have had confirmation that the due diligence process is underway and the admission from Mr Keith that the decision on the future is not in his hands. This coupled with the potential importance of the Millwall game means that we will shape the protest to make our points whilst helping to create a good atmosphere for the team to perform. Following our recent ?Decision Week? we are now looking at Saturday?s protest as ?Deal or No Deal?. We will be looking to make the following points through the protest and support of fellow fans:-

1. Say a loud and not so fond farewell to the OUTGOING board of directors.
2. Deal – for the CO-OP to swiftly conclude the negotiations with the Gadsby led consortium.
3. No Deal ? for the CO-OP to re-consider or use SISU as a back-up plan. SISU Capital is not welcome at our club. We do not want to be in a position of owing money and generating revenue for another faceless corporation!
4. Welcome Mr Gadsby and his fellow consortium members to the club.

The result at Reading on Saturday again highlighted the need for a decision to be made sooner rather than later, so the club can plan properly for next season. As such, Saturday is crucial – both on and off the field.’ ENDS

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  • The whole club looks to be in complete disarray. What the hell is going on?
    You are surely heading for oblivion if you carry on like this.

  • The only way to get a board out is with money. So protests will show how people feel, but i is unlikely to have the desired effect.

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