Date: 19th September 2018 at 1:51pm
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We start off today with a thank-you from Richard Keogh, for all the well earned praise on reaching the landmark of 300 games for the Rams.

The Ramtique meanwhile wants to know if anyone has got an old Baseball jersey from back in the day when Steve Bloomer played for Derby County. For those not in the know, Derby County were three times English Baseball Champions in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Talking of Steve Bloomer, and ‘SteveBloomers washing is quite rightly full of praise for an up and coming Derby County legend…………….This one

and finally, a quick trip back into the Ramtique, as they ask if anyone has a ‘Toddy T-shirt’? Have to admit I am of an age to have bought and worn one of these beauties but this is the First time I have ever heard of one. Must be a rarity so get looking in the wardrobe to check if you could be on the Antiques Roadshow.


2 Replies to “Rams tweets, a look around Ramsland on Twitter”

  • Have you any of the Ramtiques many and varied clothes, or do you not even remember the Ramtique in its many forms?

  • so here is a tester on the new system. And its still”no” I have never had any interaction with Ramtique

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