Date: 1st June 2018 at 3:15pm
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John Terry big friends on and off the pitch with Lampard and the betting is the two will join together again at Pride Park

It has been reported in today’s edition of the Daily Star that John Terry is likely to be the first player through the door at Pride Park following yesterday’s appointment of Frank Lampard as Derby County manager.

Terry, left Villa Park yesterday and most people are now putting two and two together as the pair do have a personal friendship and timings seem to have fallen into place for the event to happen. Terry himself is likely to want a high wage to move to Derby and at 37 years of age will be a big gamble for the Rams. Owner Mel Morris has already indicated that the Rams wage bill will have to be trimmed this season after last season’s £35m bill.

John Terry applauds the Villa Fans after the 1-1 draw with the Rams

At £60,000 per week Terry does not fit into the reduction plans and this is likely to be the reason if Derby isn’t interested in following up on Terry. A huge cut in wages of over 50% would be needed to fall in line with last seasons player earnings, the average at Derby being £30,000 per week.

Terry, however, could be the leader often missing in the Rams previous unsuccessful seasons and Lampard could feel he may fit the role, a role which Dave Mackay took in a very successful Rams side of the past.

What’s your take on the news, or possibility of Terry joining the Rams? let us know in the comments section below.


7 Replies to “John Terry likely to be Frank Lampards first signing”

  • Personally, I think it could be a big risk to bring in Terry but he may be a good player to have in reserve to come on when things need shoring up

  • After watching some of his performances at Birmingham I would remove Keogh at last (Should have been dropped 2 seasons ago) and replace with Terry that will sort out the main defencive problem. But only if he can come in on the club level salary. But as player/coach we could afford to give a little more

  • Would be massive in the dressing room and great influence on the squad.
    I remember the impact Dave Mackay had when he joined us towards the end of his playing career.
    Bring it on!

  • If he agrees to the wage cut for at least half the season if not the whole season he would be a huge asset to the club and would control the defense which derby has needed. I agree with the keogh comment hes become unreliable and a huge risk. Terry would fit the mold.

  • As for me John Terry will fit in because is an intelligent player and also a great leader

  • If he genuinly wishes to extend his playing days and come and help his friend?, then no issues. However he needs to understand the structure in place. or negotiate a deal via pay as you play by the minute. Additional is promotion warrants a Bonus

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